Monday, January 22, 2018

"Is it worthy or waste" #1 - Eye Brow Kits

So, the big question of the week is "Is it worthy or waste".
So, I found five eyebrow kits that I think may be the best at a budget friendly price.

1) Profusion Cosmetics Absolute Brows Kit for $10 at Target
2) E.L.F. Brow kit $3 at ELF Cosmetics
3) Lorac Take A Bow Kit for $11 at Lorac Cosmetics
4) Rimmel Brow This Way Powder Kit for $4.59 at Walgreens
5)NYX Eyebrow Kit $10.50 at NYX Cosmetics 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried them and your thoughts. I'm not very good at doing my eyebrows yet and it is still new to me. I used to just get my eyebrows waxed and that was it. Now, it's a lot different. I don't care much for the thick big eyebrows at all well, on me anyway. I still love my eyebrows thin and light (not the first thing you notice on my face). Hopefully I can get better at defining them and making them look better. I try!!!

I will be filming a video review on each of the products and I will write my final thought on to what one I think is best.

😍Thanks for reading my luvs good night!!!😍

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