Friday, July 21, 2017

D3 Season 11

The new season of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls starts this week Thursday July 20, 2017. It will be featuring the new Necromancer class toon and so far the ratings are wonderful. I haven’t yet played the necromancer but, my fiancĂ© has and enjoys this class. The in-game content bundle is $14.99 purchasable through the blizzard store online. In the bundle you will receive the new Necromancer class and a few extra items such as: Wings of Crypt Guardian, Half-Formed Golem Pet, 2 extra stash slots, 2 extra toon slots, a Banner Shape, a Banner Sigil, and a Pennant. The in-game content is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I know it sucks it’s not available for PS3. I feel your pain I have it on both PC and PS3.

   Anyway, onto the new season 11 and all the goodies it’s bringing us. First off, the new cosmetic rewards. The pet this season looks awesome, the new Emerald Dragon. OMG I want this dragon. He’s so cute!!! Anyway, Blizzard is introducing a new portrait series themed towards treasure goblins. From the look of this one here, I may use one. (maybe) Last but not least, pant and boot slots of the Conqueror set. Boot and pants to me not too exciting but nice.

   As in every season there is the season journey and like every season you can earn a new stash tab. That’s’ something I have yet to accomplish. Maybe if I played it more often I could get one but not enough time in one day. In order to receive the extra stash you must complete the seasonal conquests each season to receive one for each season.
·        Complete a Torment XIII Rift in under 5 minutes
·        Complete Greater Rift 60 solo
·        Kill Greed on Torment XIII
·        Kill Siegebreaker on Torment XIII in under 15 seconds
·        Reforge a Legendary or Set item
·        Augment an Ancient item with a Level 50 or greater Legendary Gem
·        Level three Legendary Gems to 55
·        Complete two Conquests

The next pretty cool bonus for this season as with every season is Haedrig’s Gift. I love getting the little gift after completing the season journeys. After completing journeys 2, 3, and 4, you will receive one gift after completing each one. In each gift you receive two pieces to you toons set. Each class has different sets so what toon you want the set pieces for; make sure you open it with that toon. You are only allowed to receive one
full set with Haedrig’s Gift so make it count. I always use the barbarian or the wizard. They seem to have the best sets every season. This season blizzard is giving the following sets as Haedrig’s Gift:

·        Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes
·        Crusader – Roland’s Legacy
·        Demon Hunter – Unhallowed Essence
·        Monk – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
·        Necromancer – Bones of Rathma
·        Witch Doctor – Helltooth Harness
·        Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements

My ultimate favorite class is the Barbarian. I tried to use other classes but, I always end up with the Barbarian. I rebirth the same one every season after I strip her down to nothing so I don’t lose anything. The set I use every season on her is the Wrath of the Wastes so, that is awesome that it’s the gift set this season. I am looking forward to purchasing the Necromancer maybe by next season. A new class will definitely spice things up in the game.

Information is from D3 season 11

Friday, July 14, 2017

My World Stopped

   Everyone knows that I’m in a relationship with Charles Baker. He’s the love of my life. He proposed to me this past Christmas Eve. It was so perfect so magical, the most awesome moment in my life, a dream of mine for a romantic Christmas proposal.
Anyway, on Monday July 3rd 2017, I talked to him on his lunch break and everything seemed fine other than he was taking a little longer to respond to me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. After the call, I continued my day as normal working on some graphics for a client. About an hour later I received a phone call from his work. They told me he had passed out at work and they called an ambulance to bring him to St. Peter’s Hospital.

   I felt my hear stop, like my whole world stopped. OMG my boo bear is hurt and in the hospital. I called the ER at St. Peter’s Hospital and spoke with the nurse caring for him. She told me he had a grand mal seizer (a grand mal seizure — also known as a generalized tonic-clonic seizure — features a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions) at work,  his right eye was swollen and black and blue, he’s confused, and has no idea what was going on. I had to get there ASAP.
  So, I called his brother’s girlfriend Coleen and they picked me and my son Stephen up. When we arrived at the hospital, they only would allow two visitors in his room. His brother Earl and I went in to see him. I couldn’t believe how bad his eye looked. It was crazy like it wasn’t real. Like I was in a horrible nightmare.

   My poor boo bear I felt so bad for him. The nurse came in and asked him a question. He didn’t answer, looked around, looked at me, and had another grand mal seizer. It was defiantly very scary. I felt like crying, watching the man I love go through that and I can do nothing but watch and wait for it to be over. When it was over they gave him some medication by IV to calm him so he could sleep. They admitted him into the hospital for four days. I was by his side as much as I could be but, wanted to never leave his side. He’s home now doing much better and we have a journey together to find out why he has these seizers. I am a little nervous every day for him. What happens if he has another grand mal seizer? What will I do if it does happen again? All I do know is that I love him with all of my heart, I am here for him to help him, to comfort him in any way I possibly can. He is my soul mate.

For more information on seizers visit The Mayo Clinic at