Wednesday, February 17, 2016

TWD Season 6 Episode 9 Review

This episode of The Walking Dead was by far "THE BEST EVER". In the begining Daryl shot the dudes on the motorcycles with a rocket and blew them up right before they were gonna kill Abraham and Sasha. (AWESOME)
Then, the most horrible thing ever happened. The weirdo kid Sam started freaking out from what Carol told him. He got eaten by the zombies. His mom Jessie freaked out and that attracted more zombies and she got eaten. Carl was stuck by Jessie, she wouldn't let go of his hand while she was being eaten by the zumbies. Rick shopped off her hand and Ron got pissed off at Rick so he tried to shoot. Michonne stabbed him from behind. Not in time because Ron shot the gun anyway. Carl took the bullet right in the eye. I was yelling at my tv NOOOOOOOOO NOT CARL HE'S MY FAVE!!!

Anyway, watch this episode if you haven't already. It was well worth the wait.

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