Monday, July 30, 2018

30 Day "Get Healthy" Challenge

Today I started a journey to get healthy. I am overweight and out of shape. My starting weight is 220 lbs. and my height is 4' 11". I am also trying to eat cleaner and healthier. I have tried many diets and they are all way too miserable. So, I decided to make my own diet which I will post later. Right now is the exercise portion.

So, to begin I want to explain why and how I got to this point in my life. There is absolutely no excuse for this massive weight gain other than I was just lazy. Between so much stress and not knowing how to handle it and sitting all the time not exercising, I gained 100 pounds. The weight cam gradually over the years since 2006. I was at 120 in 2006 even after having 4 children. It started with an unhappy marriage. I was married for 17 years and when my father passed away April 11, 2006 I was very depressed. I was very close to my dad. After my dads funeral, my husband said he had to go away for a few days to work. He left us home with no food and no car. His car was broken so he took my car.

I found out he had lied to me and was seeing a stripper. That's when everything with my marriage fell apart. I stayed with him still until June 28, 2016. I left because things got out of hand he was mentally abusive to me and my children and physically abusive to my youngest son. Still to this day I have to deal with him because he gets visitation right even after I told the court he has been to jail for breaking my daughters collar bone and he abuses his son. My son is terrified of him so he cowers down and does as he says and keeps quite.

Now, my new man, soon to be new husband, is wonderful. He wants me to get healthy and loves me and my children as we are. He treats my children like they are his own and gives them everything they need. He really is a good man. Where was he so many years ago LOL!!! I still have this problem now that I am so used to just sitting and eating our of boredom and stress eating. I don't exercise because I feel uncomfortable and worried people will laugh at me. I look like I am 8 months pregnant. It's very embarrassing.

Today I decided to do something about it. I have come up wit ha very simple and free way to get my exercising in. I downloaded an app called Easy Workout - Abs & Butt fitness, HIIT exercises

Before I begin, I do stretches ( you can find a good app to learn stretches on Google play or apple store). I get up around 8 am and begin stretching. Then, I start my workout and end it with stretching. After my workout, I eat my breakfast and have coffee, 2 glasses of water and sometimes a detox tea. Here is my workout plan for the first 30 days.

Saturday and Sunday are rest days!!!
Monday - Fat burning - HIIT beginner
Tuesday - Abs training - abs toning beginner
Wednesday - Glutes training - Glute toning for beginner
Thursday - Abs training - abs toning beginner
Friday - Fat burning - HIIT beginner

Also, it is very important to make sure to do stretches before and after a workout and before bed. I will eventually add yoga to my workout but, I don't want to over do it. I also walk everyday, well except on days its raining LOL!!!